Nine Presidents. In all of the American past, nine US Presidents have attempted to win re- election and lost after having secured their party's nomination. Nine people in the White House who sought a second term but failed. Nine. Are you and I living in the midst of Number Ten? Let's use history in a creative way to find the answer. I invite you to join me in an energetic and … [Read more...]

From 1833-1834 To 2019: Jackson, Trump, And Quasi-Impeachment.

Because of chaos around the White House, 2019 is going to be a difficult year. The political climate in the US will be awful, worse than 2018. If you're a leader—if you have followers—that climate will affect them. Let me help you help them. I invite you to participate in my upcoming Talkshop, "From The 1833-1834 To 2019: Jackson, Trump, And Quasi-Impeachment." I'll be guiding you through the true … [Read more...]


 The man in the circle is Abraham Lincoln. I want you to squeeze in next to him, on that platform, and listen to what he has to say about our controversy in 2017 (and beyond) over historical monuments. He'll share ideas that go directly to the simmering tensions over race, nation, inclusion, and diversity. I want you to sit right there with him in the red circle, reliving Lincoln's day at the … [Read more...]


As elections go, we are half-way between. The past on one side. The future on the other. A year ago was the stunning presidential election of 2016. A year from now is the unknown outcome of the off-year congressional election of 2018. What word stands out in that second sentence above? "Unknown." The outcome of the 2018 election is unknown. The deciding factor of the 2018 election is … [Read more...]

Breaking Update & New Action

Urgent for your attention: by popular demand from my clients and alumni—I have revised and updated my customized workshop on President Donald Trump. History is being made day-by-day and I recommend you, as a leader, make time to participate! You will gain new non-partisan perspectives on events yet to come in the remaining quarters of 2017 and beyond. Breaking Update & New Action: 3 … [Read more...]

Walkshop I – Sign Up Now [Open]

Take a walk to 5 places in downtown Indianapolis that tell the powerful story of a 28-year old leader who is about to make a decision that changes life and leadership as he knows it. What’s The Goal? To prepare you as a leader for the next big, shocking change What’s The Method? You are one of a 3-5 person group that walks to 5 places vital to the story of our 28-year old leader on July 9, … [Read more...]

Walkshop II: The First Offering

11 people participated in the inaugural offering of Walkshop II. The topic was Major Change and leadership, just like in Walkshop I, but in this iteration we explored how leadership intersects with the execution of Major Change, not the processing of what to do about Major Change. Again, Benjamin Harrison in the Civil War is the historical theme. But in Walkshop II our day was June 13, 1865, the … [Read more...]

Chaos And Compressed Events

I'm working on my Leadership Now Walkshop II. That's the second iteration of my Walkshop on leadership and major change. Here's something that I've uncovered: the compression of events can be mistaken for the appearance of chaos. … [Read more...]


Looking back over the last year or so, a major change has occurred within my ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC. It was unplanned. The unplanned change has been a rapidly growing emphasis on the individual. I am doing much more these days with my one-on-one service known as Creative Conversations. This is where I help client think of his or her life as a River and then lay that River … [Read more...]

Standing Quiet

I conducted a Leadership Now Walkshop earlier today. In case you don't know, this is a service of mine that uses experiential learning for leadership development. I take a group of 2-8 people on a hike through downtown Indianapolis to re-experience 5 sites important to Benjamin Harrison on Wednesday, July 9, 1862. That's the day, 15 months after the start of the Civil War, that 28-year-old … [Read more...]

Today’s Walkshop

3 people went out on the Walkshop this morning. One of the most gratifying aspects of it was this statement from a participant: "His whole life turned in a different direction in literally one minute." A short while later, my wife and I spoke on the phone. She caught me up on her day at the office. Among the things she shared was this: "Their whole lives completely changed in that … [Read more...]

Sweet Explosion

The Walkshops have exploded in growth and appeal. Three sections, two in September and one in October, have filled up. Requests are coming in for additional Walkshops in October and into November. I think I've found something that works rather well. Up there, Benjamin Harrison is smiling. I promise, Mr. President, that I'll do everything I can to uphold my responsibility as the portal between … [Read more...]

Time Block

I'm offering a new service on a growing basis. I call it the "Leadership Now Walkshop." I take 3-5 people on a walk--an actual walk--to a specific set of places tied to a historical person or event and a defined aspect of leadership. We walk, I tell real stories about the person and event in that historical moment, and my participants listen, look, smell, see, and more. After the walk, we end up … [Read more...]