The Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. Dealing with crisis. Leading a team. Living out a career of personal identity. Overcoming short-term disgruntlement to achieve long-term success. Understanding how an experience—an event—can have different stages and phases and how your leadership will be part of each one. In ways you won’t imagine now, these are the lessons we explore from the incredible story of US Air Flight 1549 and chief pilot Chesley Sullenberger’s emergency-water landing in the Hudson River in 2009.

It’s a real-time story of eight minutes. It’s a real-lifetime experience that stands not only on much of Sullenberger’s life down to that moment but also those of his co-pilot, Jeffery Skiles and their flight attendants Doreen Welsh, Sheila Dail, and Donna Dent. And you’ll be challenged by what Sullenberger later says was his one biggest regret in this amazing story.

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