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You have leadership challenges. You need practical, useful, and down-to-earth ideas and techniques. The Tackle Box is where you can find them. For the same price you pay for a fancy cup of coffee–$5–you can improve your leadership based on real experiences of real people from history. That’s it–$5.

Practical, simple, and effective — that’s just the way I like to make history work for you and your life today.

 Dr. Dan Miller


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Three Useful Lessons from the Leadership of John Wooden

John Wooden was a legendary college basketball coach. He left a mark on his players that endures far beyond the basketball court. And       three of his leadership techniques can help you be a better leader right now.


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Campfire Conversations: Daniel Morgan and Leadership

Daniel Morgan is a figure from the American Revolution who can “revolutionize” your approach to leadership communication. Take a look at this easy-to-use guide for making Morgan’s communication secret part of your leadership today.