Breaking Update & New Action

Urgent for your attention: by popular demand from my clients and alumni—I have revised and updated my customized workshop on President Donald Trump. History is being made day-by-day and I recommend you, as a leader, make time to participate! You will gain new non-partisan perspectives on events yet to come in the remaining quarters of 2017 and beyond.

Breaking Update & New Action: 3 Sharpened Pieces Of The American Puzzle—The Trump Presidency, Your Leadership, and 3 Stories from the American Past.

You and I, over lunch, are getting into the boats and plunging into white water. And again, I’m guiding our boat in a strictly non-partisan fashion.  

Story 1 is the first Trump, Andrew Jackson. I’ve made the case in The Trump Project on my website and within days Trump brought Jackson’s portrait into the Oval Office. No connection, of course, but I think you’ll agree that my original point stands stronger than ever. You and I are going to dive deeper into the vital bonds between these two American Presidents. These bonds will continue to shake and reverberate across the civic landscape. Think one word: FRONTIER.

Story 2 is what is already happening to both the Democratic and Republican Parties—they are refounding themselves whether you or anyone else wishes it or not. Moving farther Left, moving farther Right, moving into new directions of Populism. Get a better grasp of refounding through a return to the first founding, in this case, the start of the Republican Party in 1856-1860. In that stretch, 11 candidates vied for the nomination, they had their versions of Obamacare and airport protests, and they experienced confusion, disunity, and rapidly shifting alliances. For BOTH PARTIES, 2017 and beyond will feature events compressed from 1856-1860.

Story 3 is the national and global execution of a Trump-like presidential administration, the Woodrow Wilson Administration of 1913-1921. Check out The Trump Project on my website for my startling examination of Wilson’s inaugural address of 1913 and Trump’s inaugural address of 2017. Oh, and when was the last time the Senate had a clash that affected the filibuster? That’s right, in the heart of Wilson’s Administration, in 1917. The parallels between then and now must—repeat, must—be explored.  

This lunchtime workshop will be fast-paced, intense, thoughtful, and visionary. It’s an event fit for a leader. $75 per person (cash or check).

Contact me immediately to register for this exclusive small-group learning event for leadership in 2017 and beyond.

The workshop will be Friday, February 17, 11:30am-1pm, at Capital Grille in downtown Indianapolis. Again, registration will be fast-flowing. Please contact me immediately to get your seat.  

I can be reached via email or calling or texting 317-407-3687.