Walkshop II: The First Offering

11 people participated in the inaugural offering of Walkshop II. The topic was Major Change and leadership, just like in Walkshop I, but in this iteration we explored how leadership intersects with the execution of Major Change, not the processing of what to do about Major Change. Again, Benjamin Harrison in the Civil War is the historical theme. But in Walkshop II our day was June 13, 1865, the day he came home after serving in the war for thirty-five months. We walked to 5 places from that day that were significant for him and our theme of executing Major Change.

Tremendous experience.

One of the things that continues to echo in my memory of this morning’s Walkshop is the effect of Harrison’s speech on my 11 people. I read out portions of the speech. Harrison’s remarks produced visible reactions among my group almost 150 years later.

To a person, all 11 folks said that my email messages (19 total) prior to the this morning’s hike were stirring in their impact.

Very true. Harrison’s experience in the war was varied, intense, and rich in meaning.

I hope you can join me for my Walkshops. If you haven’t attended one, you need to start with Walkshop I: Leadership, Major Change, and the Day of Decision, July 9, 1862. If you’ve completed Walkshop I, then you need to contact me to sign up for Walkshop II: Leadership, Major Change, and the Time of Execution, June 13 & 16, 1865.