Future Known

A client and I talked over coffee the other day. Actually, I had similar conversations with two separate clients, individually. They are alumni of Walkshop I, where we re-experience the day when Benjamin Harrison finished processing Major Change. On that day of finished processing, he signed up to serve in the Civil War. The topic we discussed was about the future. Specifically, when you have the … [Read more...]

Motivating Through The Mundane

One of my clients for my Walkshops made a great point the other day. He is in the midst of experiencing Benjamin Harrison's struggle with executing Major Change during his military duty in the Civil War. My client said that he was shocked that Harrison had to contend with such long periods of inactivity, dull routine, and daily mundane events. It showed, my client concluded, the importance of … [Read more...]

Walkshop II: The First Offering

11 people participated in the inaugural offering of Walkshop II. The topic was Major Change and leadership, just like in Walkshop I, but in this iteration we explored how leadership intersects with the execution of Major Change, not the processing of what to do about Major Change. Again, Benjamin Harrison in the Civil War is the historical theme. But in Walkshop II our day was June 13, 1865, the … [Read more...]

Standing Quiet

I conducted a Leadership Now Walkshop earlier today. In case you don't know, this is a service of mine that uses experiential learning for leadership development. I take a group of 2-8 people on a hike through downtown Indianapolis to re-experience 5 sites important to Benjamin Harrison on Wednesday, July 9, 1862. That's the day, 15 months after the start of the Civil War, that 28-year-old … [Read more...]

Sweet Explosion

The Walkshops have exploded in growth and appeal. Three sections, two in September and one in October, have filled up. Requests are coming in for additional Walkshops in October and into November. I think I've found something that works rather well. Up there, Benjamin Harrison is smiling. I promise, Mr. President, that I'll do everything I can to uphold my responsibility as the portal between … [Read more...]

Big, Big Deal

Two weeks ago marked the end of my first Leadership Now Walkshop. It was extraordinary for me, I can say for certain, and for my two attendees, I can say with confidence. Let me refresh your memory. The Walkshop was about how a large event collides with your plans for life and leadership. The topic was Benjamin Harrison and two key points in his life separated by fifteen months—when he heard … [Read more...]

A Big, Big Blessing

You’re probably like me in that you know, you have a sense, when something you’ve said has really hit home with the person to whom you said it. I saw it recently during Part 3 of my Leadership Now Walkshop. Here’s what I mean. At several points during the one-hour walk and the two-hour coffee debrief, I offered a comment based on Benjamin Harrison’s experience of July 9, 1862 and its potential … [Read more...]

Raving Success: A Session of Firsts

This past Saturday, before the Colts' debacle, I delivered a leadership development session. It was noteworthy for its firsts. It was the first time I had done a session utilizing the life of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the United States. It was the first time I had done a session where the setting was actually related to the historical content--we met in Harrison's home on the near … [Read more...]