The What-If Lab – Alternative History

One of the most fun (we’ve already used a word that you would never associate with history) things about the past is the question “what if?” How might history have changed if this or that fact had been different? And more importantly, how might this change have affected not just the course of history but our own actual lives?

You likely know that I’m a big believer in choice. History is choices in innumerable instances. Leadership is, too. We’ve all got certain factors, conditions, circumstances, and environments in which we live and breathe, but they don’t wreck or ruin our ability to choose.

History isn’t just what happened. It’s also what might have happened, the what-if. And if you want to build your creativity and critical thinking, I strongly encourage you to explore what-if history. It’s a great way to increase your mental flexibility and agility. Both of these qualities are vital to being a better visionary and strategic thinker.

If you think of a “what-if” question that you’d like me to address, please email me. Feel free to post your reactions to my essays inside.