Private One-on-One Coaching

I developed this service because my clients asked me to do so. I always had people coming up after workshops and seminars to say that they wished they could go even further with my use of history for leadership growth. So, I started a service that I call “Creative Conversations.”


“Your life is a River.”- Dr. Daniel T. Miller

In Creative Conversations I use the life of a historical leader to enrich the current and future life of my individual client. After learning about my client’s life and situation in dialogue, I match the life of my client—their “River”, as I call it—to the life or River of a leader from history. Together, using a powerpoint presentation, the client and I travel down the chosen historical life and River. In each session we examine a defined part of the historical leader’s life and then I suggest three key takeaways (Paddles) for the client. We talk in the session about how the client can use each takeaway in his or her leadership.


“I highly recommend making the investment of working with Dr. Miller.”- Wealth Advisor


Following each session, I capture our Creative Conversation in a written summary. I include additional thoughts for the client to consider, including extra points for use and reflection. I’ve entitled this written summary the client’s Guide Book, one for each session.


“I have grown more as a leader and a person through this study more than any other program I have used.”- CIO


The dynamic of Creative Conversations is powerful. My client sees leadership from an entirely new perspective. The discoveries made in this journey are often unforgettable.

Each session is approximately an hour in length. I charge a fee only for the direct time of interaction in the session. I do not charge for my pre-session and post-session work.

The value of history as a method of leadership development is plainly seen in Creative Conversations.

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“Your history begins at the start of this sentence.”- Dr. Daniel T. Miller



What Clients Can Tell You:

Chief Information Officer of a Community Services Organization: “Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Dan through his Creative Conversations offering for one-on-one coaching.With his unique approach, I can honestly say, I have grown more as a leader and as a person through this study than through any other program I have used. A true measure of a great teacher and guide is that their insights are timeless. Every time I read back through our Guidebooks from the River of my life and a historical leader’s life, new lessons reveal themselves. I highly recommend the Creative Conversations to anyone looking to grow as a leader.”


Wealth Advisor and Financial Practice Owner: “My monthly meetings with Dr. Miller have proven invaluable in helping me learn lessons from the lives of historical leaders  while applying the lessons of leadership to my professional practice. Dan has helped me improve my knowledge of history, build my leadership skills, better understand my interaction with clients, and improve my speaking skills. We have since hired Dan to lead a book club for our clients which led to stronger client relationships and an enhanced client experience. I highly recommend making the investment of working with Dr. Miller.”


Chief Financial Officer of a Healthcare Organization: “Historical Solutions has allowed me to enhance my leadership growth by showing how historical leaders changed their “path” along the winding river of life’s events who had similar traits and circumstances and challenges that I  experienced along the river’s journey.”