No Theories

Three people, unknown to each other and in totally different settings, have asked me the same thing. After learning about my work and ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC, they wanted to know about my theory of leadership. What is your theory, they asked me. Don't have one. Don't want one. Don't need one. Well, I said it a bit more politely than that. I'll leave the theories and the … [Read more...]


Looking back over the last year or so, a major change has occurred within my ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC. It was unplanned. The unplanned change has been a rapidly growing emphasis on the individual. I am doing much more these days with my one-on-one service known as Creative Conversations. This is where I help client think of his or her life as a River and then lay that River … [Read more...]

A Pinch-Me Day

A pinch-me day is one where you enjoy what you do so much you can't believe you get paid to do it. I'm having so much fun and getting so much enjoyment, pinch me, I must be dreaming. A pinch-me day.  Without sounding pollyannish or just plain goofy, I have lots of those days with my ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC. I use history to help people become stronger leaders and to help them … [Read more...]

From Yesterday: The Attraction Of The Authentic

Yesterday I commented on the differences between the economies of 2008 and 2001 and Americans' reactions in these instances. I wrote that I've had an abundance of calls about engaging me for my history-based seminars, workshops, and in some cases, books and articles. I'd like to pick up on this last point, if I may. One of the things for which I've always strived is the real, the authentic. Much … [Read more...]

The Insight of an Alumnus

A participant from one of my sessions--an alumnus of mine--shared a comment that has stuck with me. After going through my session on the last full day of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life ("A Day Of Meetings" is the title), this alumnus said that I had as much of a "ministry" as I did a business or service. I like that. I like that a lot. He's exactly right. I have a ministry, and I look upon my … [Read more...]