Oil Drilling

(Or, Customized Historical Research and Writing)

Organizations and individuals have contracted with me to write a book about their history. Why do they want a book about their history? The answers are quite understandable when you think about it: they want to use the book to reach out to clients, new or existing employees, aspiring leaders they’re grooming for more responsibility, or allies and stakeholders important to their success.

“You need every resource at your fingertips and history is a resource. If you don’t use it, you waste it.” – Dr. Daniel T. Miller


I compare it to oil. The history of your organization is like the oil underneath a country or nation. Unless the oil is tapped, drilled, refined, and distributed, it is useless. A wasted resource.

“It helps us know who we are.” – COO


Your history acts much the same way. It lies useless until someone finds it, recovers it, sorts out the meaning, and puts it to work. Then, it gains real value. Quickly.

“Culture doesn’t just happen…history is a vital part of that.” – CEO


You need every resource you can find in today’s world. Think about talking with me about how you can find value in the history of your team, your program, your organization, your enterprise, your community.


What A Client Can Tell You:

Chief Operating Officer of a Healthcare Organization: “Having a book about your own history is so valuable to our sense of who we our, our culture. It helps us make our leaders and frontline staff very aware of what this organization means to a lot of people. It helps us know who we are.”


Chief Executive Officer of a Healthcare Organization: “Dan helped us bring our memories to life, to shape them into a larger meaning. Culture doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen and history is a vital part of that.”