Harry Truman and the Nation of Israel

A leader sets a goal and has to work with a divided team to achieve it. A leader hires an extremely talented subordinate; with this subordinate comes divisiveness, separation, and confusion. A leader struggling to find his own identity has to tackle a major challenge on a fixed timeline. Welcome to the world of President Harry Truman and the story of the start of the nation of Israel.

Truman wasn’t a popular president in late 1947. To boost the public image of his presidency, he engaged General George Marshall as his Secretary of State. As it happened, this addition to Truman’s team coincided with the difficult issue of whether or not to recognize formally the existence of a fledgling nation, Israel. Truman must handle a highly volatile issue and a highly volatile internal team, including Marshall, at the same time. You won’t believe the twists and turns in this dramatic experience.

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