As elections go, we are half-way between. The past on one side. The future on the other.

A year ago was the stunning presidential election of 2016. A year from now is the unknown outcome of the off-year congressional election of 2018.

What word stands out in that second sentence above?


The outcome of the 2018 election is unknown. The deciding factor of the 2018 election is unknown. And the effect of the 2018 election is, by default, unknown.

But one carefully chosen word that can be used to predict the path from now to then is the same word that can be used to describe the first period of the Donald J. Trump Presidency:


With volatility in mind, I want to give you a measuring tool, an experience in learning to help ground your leadership. It is a set of stories from those American presidents who only served a single four-year term in office. They completed their first term and were unable, unwilling, or unsuccessful in securing a second term as President. I offer you this tool so that you will be better equipped to know—IN ADVANCE OF THE FUTURE—what to look for in measuring the likelihood of a 1- term Trump Presidency.

I’m not predicting we will have a new President in 2021. I am, however, stating very plainly and clearly that a creative look at single-term presidents in American history can provide insight into the tilt of the playing field for such an outcome in the 2020 election. With the experience of this Leadership Now Workshop, you can measure the tilt in even the most volatile and noisy of times.

So, please join me for my Leadership Now Workshop, “The Conditions of a 1-Term American Presidency.” It’s set for Friday, November 3, from 11:30am to 1pm at Sullivan’s Steakhouse at Keystone at the Crossing on Indianapolis’s northside.

Here are a few reactions from participants in an earlier offering of this workshop:

>”Intriguing and captivating.”
>”I always enjoy Dan’s high energy way of relating history to our future as leaders.”
>”Dr. Miller has a great ability to highlight leadership themes that influenced history and shape our current leadership events.”
>”Dan’s interactive sessions give participants a unique perspective to hear, learn, and enhance their own leadership styles.”
>”We gained a much deeper appreciation of the context in which we are leading today.”

Tickets are $75 per person. The price includes an excellent lunch, my presentation, and private individualized follow-up. The session will be fast-paced, interactive, and provocative—while being respectful of all points of view. Call me at 317-407- 3687 or email to reserve seats. Seating is very limited.