Workshops & Seminars

I place participants in a historical story, using highly interactive, “you-are-in-the-moment” discussion techniques. Participants must analyze situations, weigh options, make decisions, and deal with consquences in real-world historical examples. They learn about leadership, themselves, and most importantly, the leader they can become.


“A leader is a person with one or more followers.” – Dr. Daniel T. Miller


My emphasis is on practical application forged from historical experience. Participants acquire strategies and tactics they can use with their followers the next day, the next month, the next quarter. I do everything I can to prepare the participants to use my takeaways in their daily leadership.


“Dr. Miller stands out in a class by himself.” – A CEO


The key to making this successful is to show people issues and topics that haven’t changed over the years or generations. It’s amazing to see how familiar it is—leadership is leadership. And my historical stories show that with energy, passion, humor, openness, respect, authenticity, and enthusiasm. Taken together, my participants find that they enjoy these stories from the past that seem as fresh as today.


“Dan held the group spell­bound…I have begun recommending him to
my client for use with the development of their executive teams.”


The size of my groups range from as few as five people (a team) to more than a hundred (multiple levels of organizational management). On occasion, I’ve worked with as many as five hundred attendees.

The length of time also has a range. The typical length is between one and three hours.

Where possible, I also arrange for voluntary, confidential follow-up either face-to-face or via the phone or computer.

I have a selection of leadership topics/historical modules from which to choose. Click here. Also, I’m happy to discuss customizing something for you. Just let me know by clicking here.


“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” – Theodore Roosevelt




What Clients Can Tell You:

Senior Business Advisor: “Dan uses history to identify the most import things for leaders to learn. Whether new to leadership or an experienced executive, we can all learn from Dans techniques and have fun too. I had never thought of history as a tool for learning leadership. Dan’s approach is fresh and unique. You are there in the historical moment. When you come out again, you’re able to improve your leadership right away.”


Chief Executive Officer of a Healthcare Organization: “As a frequent Historical Solutions seminar participant, I can honestly say that Dr. Miller has distinguished himself with an engaging, timely, and thought-provoking style that is refreshingly unique. If you’re looking for a novel approach for individual or team growth, learning,  and development, Dr. Miller stands out in a class by himself. A riveting speaker and author, Dr. Miller assures everyone makes a personal connection with some of the most influential leaders in history. Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and King – I’ve met them all (and more) through Dr. Miller!”


Vice President of an Insurance Company: “Dan’s ability to tell a story, and frame leadership concepts  in the context of historical examples, is powerful and engaging. These experiences have been enriching for me, and allowed me to grow through the successes and failures of others as they faced monumental leadership challenges.”


President and Owner of Executive/Management Coaching Firm: “I invited Dan to be our monthly program speaker at our Society of Human Resources Management chapter. He held the group spell bound with his story about Lincoln at Antietam. Dan was also able to facilitate individual insights to their own leadership as part of his program. And he accomplished both the fascinating story and the insights in 60 minutes! I have begun recommending him to my clients for use with the development of their executive teams.”