From 1833-1834 To 2019: Jackson, Trump, And Quasi-Impeachment.

Because of chaos around the White House, 2019 is going to be a difficult year. The political climate in the US will be awful, worse than 2018. If you’re a leader—if you have followers—that climate will affect them. Let me help you help them. I invite you to participate in my upcoming Talkshop, “From The 1833-1834 To 2019: Jackson, Trump, And Quasi-Impeachment.” I’ll be guiding you through the true story of the “first Donald Trump” or as he’s known to history, President Andrew Jackson. We’ll explore the story and the takeaways from Jackson’s semi impeachment. The tornado of his experience will anticipate the type of furor you and your followers will be feeling with the potential efforts to impeach President Donald Trump in 2019.

This Talkshop will be a remarkable experience in using history like you’ve never used it before. I will help you make the mental connections between the past, the present, and perhaps most importantly to you as a leader, the future.

I’ve held six Talkshops where I’ve examined the links between Trump and Jackson as leaders. Now, as events have unfolded, you will have the chance to understand an astounding similarity between the two pesidents—the dynamics of impeachment and its various substitutes.

I’m offering my fourth edition—on Friday, May 31st, 3:30pm to 5:30pm at RDS Office Furniture Showroom, 5756 West 71st, Indianapolis, IN 46278. Cost is $75 per person, including refreshments. Seating is very limited. If you want to attend, register as soon as possible by sending me an email ( You can pay by check or cash at the event.

Enjoy wonderful refreshments, creative learning, and a powerful re- examination of history.

Hope you can attend.