My Library Bookshelf

One of the blessings, and as my wife Kelly and daughters Haley and Ava would say (joined by whatever movers we’ve just used in our latest abode), curses in my life is my library. Simply put, I’ve got a lot of books. 95% of them are history. Many of you have been eager to know which books I think are worthwhile on particular topics and people in history and it occurred to me that you might enjoy mini-reviews of some of them. Below are my thoughts on books I have either recently read or am currently reading. When time permits, I’ll add other books from my library to this list. I appreciate greatly your interest in finding good books on history. It makes it all the more enjoyable for me to be able to share with you a few thoughts about them. Feel free to reply to me with your own review.

Look for a new book review by the first of every month.