Lilian Wald and Change Waves


Finding your purpose. Starting-up an organization. Creating a niche where none existed. Balancing the competing needs of various stakeholders and allies. Facing a change you believe is vital and adapting your purpose to meet it. Dealing with the reality of that change. A woman whom you’ve likely never heard of—Lilian Wald—can show you some very important truths about these and other aspects of leadership.

Wald is considered the founder of public health nursing in the United States, a feat she accomplished in New York City during the late 1890s. She went on to organize a unique organization in downtown New York, among the first to approach the problems of poverty from a holistic perspective. She was smart, tough, creative, unforgettable. No matter what line of work, regardless of your particular career or occupation or profession, you can learn much from this remarkable leader.

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