Looking back over the last year or so, a major change has occurred within my ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC. It was unplanned.

The unplanned change has been a rapidly growing emphasis on the individual. I am doing much more these days with my one-on-one service known as Creative Conversations. This is where I help client think of his or her life as a River and then lay that River alongside a second River from a person in history. The results of the two Rivers running together is nothing short of dramatic and, in many cases, astounding.

The other part of the rise of the individual in my work is the increase in individualized follow-up for people who attend my Workshops, Walkshops, and corporate training events. I have greatly increased the intensity and scope of these individualized interactions.

Last, I’ve made a conscious effort to deepen relationships with individual people within my Alumni. Where possible and where appropriate, I’m trying to use technology to facilitate this connection. The qualifiers at the start of the previous sentence will tell you something about my inherent caution in the use of technology.

I didn’t plan these changes. I listened to my clients and acted accordingly. You should do the same with those people who make you a leader, your followers.