The 1920s-As-2020s Overview – The Rhyme Of History

THE 1920s-As-2020s Overview – The Rhyme of History Laying the Groundwork... Americans of 2020-2023 and Americans of 1918-1921 share a striking similarity. They encountered, endured, and exited a deeply serious public crisis. That crisis shared (rhymed, in my parlance) key realities. The primary sharing point was that in both periods Americans coped with a pandemic that collided with the major … [Read more...]


Thank you for visiting a new part of my latest work, the 20s-as-20s. It's my strong belief that we in the 2020s are living a kind of poetic rhyme with the 1920s. It's not identical, but it has a particular connected motion that can look and feel oddly similar. Think of the words "hog", "fog", "clog", and "dog." They're different in meaning but in their rhyming they can give a sense of movement if … [Read more...]