Americanism Redux: May 23, Your Today, On The Journey To The American Founding, 250 Years Ago, In 1774

Americanism Redux May 23, your today, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago, in 1774 Displaced. (an example of calmer displacement) Displacement is what happens when a new thing shoves aside existing things. They either slide down your list of priorities, become something different through interaction with the new thing that does the displacing, or simply disappear … [Read more...]

A Phrase Returns

In last week’s Talkshop (Rapids From The River: You, The 2024 Election, And 5 Moments In The American River), I explained to the participants my River construct. In that explanation we explored the idea of repetition across time. This involved my view of Rhyming—that rapids on the river recur, shallows on the river recur, bends on the river recur, everything on the river recurs. The key reality … [Read more...]