A Phrase Returns

In last week’s Talkshop (Rapids From The River: You, The 2024 Election, And 5 Moments In The American River), I explained to the participants my River construct.

In that explanation we explored the idea of repetition across time. This involved my view of Rhyming—that rapids on the river recur, shallows on the river recur, bends on the river recur, everything on the river recurs. The key reality is that some percentage of recurrence will be the same (continuity) and some will not, as in difference, uniqueness, and particularity (change). I’ve often suggested, arbitrarily, an 80/20 split between Continuity and Change.

Now we come to this image from Monday’s WSJ and the reference to a Churchillian term, “iron curtain.” Churchill invoked it in his commencement address at Fulton College, MO in 1946.

The rapids of the River in 1946. The rapids of the River in 2023.


Your leadership must account for, must reflect, must grow organically from your decision about where such recurrences fit in the 80/20 rule of Rhyming.

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