Americanism Redux–September 7, Your Today, On The Journey To The American Founding, 250 Years Ago, In 1773

Americanism Redux September 7, your today, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago, in 1773 In New York City, the news is twenty-four hours old. Here and there, clusters of a few people stand and murmur next to cobblestone streets. Then they disappear into the taverns. They're talking about the day-old news. Came aboard ship and landed in the newspaper called the New York … [Read more...]

Americanism Redux: February 2 – Today 250 Years Ago – in 1773

Americanism Redux It's Today, February 2, 250 years ago—In 1773 Good lord, the air is cold. You inhale and your lungs feel like they're frozen together. Exhale and a whitish air rises and disappears. Again and again. Inner pangs of cold, outer clouds of frost. Up you go. (winter transportation) You're on the plank board that serves as a seat. Bundled with densely woven clothes, … [Read more...]