Tuck Into Your Mind For October

I read the other day that the presidential debates will be in October. Three of them total. My mind went to a point from the 1980 presidential campaign that I'd like to share with you. It's not generally well known. You could find it handy as we get nearer to the debates in October. In the summer and early fall of 1980, President Jimmy Carter ran ahead of Republican presidential nominee Ronald … [Read more...]

The 2012 Presidential Election: A Few Days’ Perspective

Elsewhere on my website, in The Commonplace Book to be exact, you'll see that I've written a short piece on the 6 truly important presidential elections in the American experience. I wonder if I will add the 2012 to the list? Right now, a couple of days later, I'll share my inclination--though with the caveat that I may change my mind. I'm not inclined to list 2012 as Number 7. I don't think I … [Read more...]

A Tizzy Of The Wrong Type

Today there is an uproar among the political, punditry, and politics-geek classes. It's about Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney's remarks about the 47% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes. As I understand it, Romney spoke off-handedly at a fundraiser some weeks ago about this slice of the American public as being overly dependent on the federal government and largely devoted … [Read more...]

Before You Get Too Wrapped Up

We're headed straight toward another US presidential campaign season. Actually, we're in it right now. Before the event gets you too¬†wrapped up or soured out, whichever the case may be, I'd like to offer a small piece of perspective. In more ways that we might imagine, the American presidential election is a phenomenon into itself. It is unique, and one of our unique contributions to the … [Read more...]