The 2012 Presidential Election: A Few Days’ Perspective

Elsewhere on my website, in The Commonplace Book to be exact, you’ll see that I’ve written a short piece on the 6 truly important presidential elections in the American experience. I wonder if I will add the 2012 to the list?

Right now, a couple of days later, I’ll share my inclination–though with the caveat that I may change my mind.

I’m not inclined to list 2012 as Number 7.

I don’t think I have a good enough reason to do so when the overall turnout for both political parties dropped substantially from 2008. That’s the key. In the midst of some extremely important problems facing us, turnout fell.

That’s a problem. Then again, with a little more time passed and a little more perspective, that may become a fundamental reason for me to add this as my seventh selection.

Let’s hope not.

And so I stand–caveats waving in the wind–I choose not to include 2012 as a truly important presidential election.