A Pinch-Me Day

A pinch-me day is one where you enjoy what you do so much you can’t believe you get paid to do it. I’m having so much fun and getting so much enjoyment, pinch me, I must be dreaming. A pinch-me day. 

Without sounding pollyannish or just plain goofy, I have lots of those days with my ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC. I use history to help people become stronger leaders and to help them make clearer sense of the world around them. The money means nothing or next to nothing. I get charged doing this on a daily basis.

Do you have them? Are they more or less frequent now? Do you fully realize what accounts for it? Do you encourage other people, whether family or friends, to live pinch-me days?

From a spiritual viewpoint, a robust body of Christian thought is devoted to the idea of finding God’s gift to you, a special ability or talent or skill.

The pinch-me day is a very rewarding product of Christian faith.