No Theories

Three people, unknown to each other and in totally different settings, have asked me the same thing. After learning about my work and ministry here at Historical Solutions LLC, they wanted to know about my theory of leadership. What is your theory, they asked me.

Don’t have one. Don’t want one. Don’t need one.

Well, I said it a bit more politely than that.

I’ll leave the theories and the theorizing to people smarter than me. For my part, I prefer to let the history show the stories of what was done, sometimes well, sometimes not, sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly. I’ll blend the stories with a strong dose of common sense drawn from personal practice and observation. From there, the final product of writing or speaking is what I give to you.

As a sidenote, each of the three questioners were in the same general occupation. I won’t divulge it.

There it is. My approach: no theories.