Six Days Later: The Indiana State Fair And My Video

This video is the second-most viewed of any I've released. And now, some six days out, we've had a chance to gather more information since the tragic event of August 13. I've had a bit more time to reflect. Would I change anything about my video at this point? No, not in the main. I might add a detail or two--a story--about some of the incredible actions that ordinary people undertook that … [Read more...]

Indiana State Fair: I Was There

My family and I were at the Indiana State Fair last night during the tragedy at the concert. We were outside of the concert venue on the Midway street. My wife, youngest daughter and the family of my oldest neice were in one part of the street, while my oldest daughter and myself were actually in the Midway heading back toward the grandstand area. I plan to send out a video this Tuesday. I have a … [Read more...]