Six Days Later: The Indiana State Fair And My Video

This video is the second-most viewed of any I’ve released. And now, some six days out, we’ve had a chance to gather more information since the tragic event of August 13. I’ve had a bit more time to reflect. Would I change anything about my video at this point?

No, not in the main.

I might add a detail or two–a story–about some of the incredible actions that ordinary people undertook that night. The account of the little girl being handed from person to person until she was safe is truly amazing (h/t Indianapolis Star).

I do think we need to be calm, deliberate, and analytical in our reconstruction of what happened, both right and wrong. I’m encouraged by the track record of Governor Mitch Daniels. He’s been a bulldog in seeking change in other areas of his time at the Statehouse–whether you agree with him or not–and I’m confident that he will take the same approach here, where future lives hang in the balance. Daniels isn’t a good-enough-is-good-enough and go-along-to-get-along sort.

My sense is that this event has really shaken him. I know of some of his actions after September 11 (an acquaintance of mine was there in his Office of Management and Budget department). His actions impressed me. I wonder how much of this harkens back in his own mind to that horrible day.

Two quick points about new facts I’ve learned about August 13. First, I never realized that the state government has total jurisdiction of the fairgrounds property. It’s like a little Vatican, in some ways. Second, I found out via Facebook (yes, f/b!) that the girlfriend of one of my nephews was literally several yards from the stage. She’s OK.

It’s history. Slowly yet inevitably, the event drifts back from our present-mindedness into the past. Our perspective has already changed, and will continue to do so. It’s history, the River.