The Currents of Waters

Next time you're on a river or standing on a river bank, take a close look at the water. You'll see there what you see in the river of your own life. Yes, I'd like you to take a moment and think about a part of my River construct. There is more than one current in the water of a river. There is the current on the surface. This current moves faster than the current at the bottom of the river. … [Read more...]

A New Current on the River

My river analogy has a new current. I've said before that A is when you begin a career or school. Z is the end point, your departure, graduation, termination, or whatever else completes the experience. For that matter, A can be the start of anything and Z its end; in between A and Z the River flows with all sorts of changes and continuities mixed and mingled. In your life overall, all of these … [Read more...]