The Currents of Waters

Next time you’re on a river or standing on a river bank, take a close look at the water. You’ll see there what you see in the river of your own life. Yes, I’d like you to take a moment and think about a part of my River construct.

There is more than one current in the water of a river. There is the current on the surface. This current moves faster than the current at the bottom of the river. Their variance changes as the depth changes. The deeper the water, the greater the disparity between the two paces of movement.

Next, you’ll see that the current in the middle of the river moves differently than that on either side, near either bank. Often, the current on the side of the river can move in the opposite direction of the main middle current. It doesn’t do so for long but it does certainly do it for a short stretch. That is some of the most change-inducing water of the whole river. That’s the current that eats into the bank and changes the shoreline.

You’ll also discover that currents vary with the width of the river. The more narrow, the more swift. The broader, the slower and the more probable that multiple currents will exist.

All of this is true for your life and for my life. Time is the moving water but there are many currents. Despite belong to the one body of moving water, they behave in ways unique to themselves.

It’s happening right now for you and me.