Did You Drop Something In Your River?

This morning, I spoke with a young leader–meaning, younger than me, which seems to cover most of the world’s population these days–about a particular response he had given me to a historical question. As you’ll likely guess, the question dealt with a leadership situation and what would he do had he been in that place?

His response was very unique. I’d estimate that his answer was unlike probably almost 200 other responses I had received to this question over the past two years.

He asked me if I had any thought about what this uniqueness was, what it meant, from whence it had come.

My reply was that I suspected–indeed, was almost certain–that it was Up River, from some point or place earlier in his life. And then I startled myself with my next thought:

Maybe it’s at the bottom of the River, Up River. Perhaps something dropped and is still there, still exerting an influence as both Canoe and Water flow on. 

It’s over the side, down on the bottom, further and further back. Is it a regret? Is it a thing done one way and then done that way over and over again? 

Do you have something that you think has been lost or tossed over the side and is back Up River, miles and years behind but yet closer and closer in your daily life?