29 Years Up River

I'm reading a book right now that involves a leader who played an important role in two community tragedies, 29 years apart. In the first instance--we'll call that Event A--he has the potential to do the right thing and then turns away to do the wrong thing. In choosing the wrong path people died needlessly; a different choice on his part and there was a chance they or some of them would have … [Read more...]

The Big Thing That Pops To Mind

Last week was my 50th birthday. I always like reflecting at birthdays, at any day, so this birthday wasn't really anymore special or significant than any other birthday or lifeday in Dan Miller River thus far. I will say, though, that one primary thought kept coming back to me as I pondered 50 years. It was my marriage. I kept thinking about how important and pivotal my marriage was and … [Read more...]

Did You Drop Something In Your River?

This morning, I spoke with a young leader--meaning, younger than me, which seems to cover most of the world's population these days--about a particular response he had given me to a historical question. As you'll likely guess, the question dealt with a leadership situation and what would he do had he been in that place? His response was very unique. I'd estimate that his answer was unlike … [Read more...]

What To Do With The Bad Stuff

What Do You Do With Bad History?I’m referring to bad times in something or someone’s history, not the history of it or them written or told badly. Bad times. Bad stuff. They are in the history of every person, every group, every organization and endeavor. What do you do with them?A collection of people with whom I’m familiar went through bad times a few years ago. The bad times stretched back in … [Read more...]

A Different 80-20

Have you heard of the “80-20 rule?” It’s the thought that in any given situation, you’ll be able to gather about 80% of the information you need to make a decision. The remaining 20% is gut-feel, instinct, and whatever label you put on it. The point is that you can’t expect to know everything you need to know. You’ll have to accept a measure of the unknown in making a decision. I like the 80-20 … [Read more...]