Americanism Redux: October 26, Your Today, On The Journey To The American Founding, 250 Years Ago, In 1773

Americanism Redux October 26, your today, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago, in 1773 The marriage you expected, and the marriage you have. One is the life of love. The other is the life of reality. If you're lucky or blessed or both, the two intersect. They share some ground. The record of the sharedness is the story of the marriage. (her ring) * * * * * * … [Read more...]

July 9

Americanism Redux July 9 If you could see his hands, you'd know what he did. Black stains fill the lines and wrinkles on his hand, fill the tiny crevices around his fingernails. 250 years ago today. He is a printer, one of the most influential and successful owner-operators of a media company in colonial Philadelphia. 58-year old David Hall watches as today's edition of the four-page … [Read more...]