Americanism Redux: June 29, Your Today, On The Journey To The American Founding, 250 Years Ago, In 1773

Americanism Redux June 29, your today, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago, in 1773 A second thought? Do I give it a second thought? Do those things that just happen to me right now, the things that will define the 24-hour today, do I really know they'll last beyond today? It depends on the things, on what they actually are. That's the truth 250 years ago today and … [Read more...]

Americanism Redux–6-Minute Video Overview of the Fourth Quarter–Today 250 Years Ago–in 1773

Below is my quarterly overview video. See and hear the highlights of the stories of October, November, and December 1772 on our journey to the American Founding in July 1776. Thanks for watching! … [Read more...]

Americanism Redux: 250 Years Ago Today, November 9

Americanism Redux November 9, 1772, 250 years ago today The youth and their futures as the skies of today turn gray and cold. 21-year old James Madison writes from his family's Virginia plantation home to a friend he'd known in college. Madison thanks him for his friendship and for staying in close contact via letters. He congratulates his friend on a decision to continue … [Read more...]