Why is Fort Necessity a big deal?

washingtonFort Necessity was the scene of George Washington’s first military experience and one of his first leadership situations. The tiny space also unleashed a global war between Britain and France. The war—called the “French and Indian War” in North America and the “Seven Years War” in Europe—was a struggle between these two empires for dominance on three continents.

By spring 1754 Virginia’s British colonial governor, Robert Dinwiddie authorized Washington to be one of the officers in a unit of men raised to march west against French forces. Dinwiddie ordered Washington and 200 men, on behalf of Virginia and rest of the British Empire, to lay claim to lands in the upper Ohio River valley. France and its colonies were making rival claims. Aggressively pursuing his orders, Washington and a handful of colonial soldiers and Indian warriors had clashed with a small French force in May 1754, killing several of the French. Now, five weeks later, a larger contingent of French soldiers pursued Washington and his men. They pinned Washington and his men in a hastily built fort—evocatively named Fort Necessity—to ward off a French attack until help arrived. The help never came. The attack did.

In early July, Washington and his men resisted an attack by more than 600 French and allied Indians. With casualties mounting, illness growing, and rain soaking the sick and healthy alike over the course of two days, Washington agreed to negotiate an end to the clash.

The story, however, has more to it. A lot more. I invite you to move ahead to the next video and short essay.

The leadership topics of George Washington and Fort Necessity:

  • The Reality End of Delegation—Carrying Out Instructions
  • Handling A Setback—Effects, Consequences, and Clean-Up
  • Using Imperfect Information—Decisions, Priorities, and Mistakes

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