TTP: Presidency on the Brink

For anyone who wants to know what it’s like in the Trump White House, on the Trump presidential team, I have a book recommendation for you.

Season On The Brink, by John Feinstein.

It’s a look into the world of former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight. One season seems to last a lifetime.

A few words from Season on the Brink that might apply to Presidency on the Brink: mercurial; radical shifts in tone and tenor and mood; a few good things sprinkled in amongst more than a few highly idiosyncratic and rather bizarre things.

The supporters will love the subject and hate the author. The opponents will hate the subject and love the author.

Who knew that my graduate school days in Bloomington, Indiana would have prepared me so well in understanding the American presidency in 2017.

I’ve said for a while now that Donald Trump is the second Andrew Jackson. Still true, in my view. I’ll add, however, that outside of politics and political history, the leader who most closely tracks Trump is Bob Knight.