TTP: ElectionDay-To-InaugurationDay–Paddles & Yardstick

ElectionDay-To-InaugurationDay: Your Leadership & 5 Crisis Periods From American History

Five times in American life a crisis has blazed away in the period from Election Day to Inauguration Day. Fives times Americans have faced turmoil, confusion, uncertainty, and potential chaos in this stretch of days and weeks covering the end of one year’s presidential election and the next year’s inauguration of the presidents. Five times.

1800-1801. 1860-1861. 1876-1877. 1932-1933. 1968-1969.

I invite you to go with me down these stretches of the American River—swiftly, together, intensively, interacting with real-time events and people, looking all along for practical lessons and experiences you can use in your leadership and your citizenship.

–I’ll help you use a Yardstick to help mark the time ahead of you as a citizen in late 2020 and early 2021.

–I’ll also help you grip three new Paddles to navigate the waters around you as a leader in late 2020 and early 2021.

2 hours total. You pull a group of 4-5 together (I’ll help if you need it). 2 hours in length. Time/date arranged by you and I. Social-distance and masked-up, likely at the Haverstick (9111 Haverstick Road, Indianapolis IN 46240, unless you have another spot in mind). As they say, “Priced to move!!” ($300 total as a group, yes $300 for the bunch!) This is important information for you and my ridiculously low price reflects my urgency in getting it out. Oh, and if you live outside Indiana but would like to host this session where you are, let me know and we’ll work it out.

All the best, Dan