You The Teacher

As I wrote in a previous blog entry, to teach is to transform. When you’re a leader seeking transformation of what you and your followers are doing, you better look at your ability to teach. William DePuy, the American general who transformed the American army after the Vietnam War, saw that teaching was a central part of his role as transformative leader.

I’d like you to go deeper into this point about teaching. Remember, I’m referring not to teaching in a classroom sense, but rather to the function of passing along knowledge, expertise, and insight–essentially, teaching–that forms a key part of all of our daily activities as leaders.

What is your approach to teaching? Can you point to an event where you know you acted effectively as a teacher? More importantly, think back to a pivotal event or stretch of time involving you and your followers. What part of that story pertains to teaching?

I don’t think many of us outside the educational world realize how often we find ourselves in a mode or manner of teaching. Do yourself a favor and take the time to reflect on it.