Organizational Development

I’m challenging you to think of your organization’s history in a new light. To help explain what I mean, I’ve listed some common questions below. Take the time to follow my answers. Then, if you’re interested, give me a call at 317-407-3687.

How should I think of history in my organization?

Think of it as a resource, an asset. It can be used to advantage or not. Your organization has a history, regardless of how long it’s existed. Three years, thirty-three years, one hundred three years, makes no difference. The past of your organization has a powerful effect on its present and future. Ignoring it is no different than ignoring the training of your employees, the financial books, or your customers or clients. You wouldn’t dare ignore any of these. You shouldn’t dare to ignore your history.

Can you give me an image to help me understand?

Sure. Let’s return to such words as “resource” and “asset.” Think of it like a country or nation sitting on top of a vast oil field. Your organization is the country, and its history is the oil field. The oil is potentially valuable. However, its real value depends on the country actively drilling, testing, refining, and distributing the oil, thus transforming potential value into actual value. Your history is exactly that. Unless it is extracted, processed, and used in various ways, it has no real value. It just sits there, invisible. Do those things with your history and the organization will see value. Don’t do them, nothing happens, and a potential resource goes to waste.