Two Leaders, Two Pasts, Two Futures, One Experience

Remember that I said I had designed a new session on the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition? As I noted before, it was a great success with the first client to experience it. I’d like to share with you one of the many compelling points in the session and content.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were co-leaders of the expedition to explore and gather information about the upper Missouri River valley and the hoped-for link to the Pacific Ocean. They came from very different backgrounds yet shared this singular major experience.

Here is the thing for you to bear in mind right now. Both men went on to very different and divergent futures. Clark ages into a community and regional leader in St. Louis and the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys. Lewis ages into a bitter pursuit of rewards and recognition from the expedition, dying only three years after the experience. He was either beaten to death or committed suicide.

Two leaders, two pasts, two futures, and one large shared experience. There is someone well-known to you personally, maybe a close friend or solid acquaintance, and with you they may form a modern-day example of Lewis and Clark.