The Embrace: You And An Idea

The last time you embraced a new idea was—-when? Let’s delve into this for just a minute or two. In other words, let’s craft the story of it. We’ll probably bump into a point or two that grabs your attention.

Before you go further, permit me a quick couple of parameters to help guide you. For starters, the new idea can pertain to anything. It doesn’t have to be especially big or important or life-altering. Just a new idea, that’s all, whether it’s at home, work, for yourself, for others, in school or career or job or whatever else. Just an idea that’s new to you and that you’ve embraced.

Now, on to the story of you and the last time you embraced a new idea.

First, what exactly was the idea?

Second, how long ago was this?

Third, how did it come to you? Put another way, how did this idea present itself to you?

Fourth, what did you have to overcome, set aside, or get past in order to embrace it?

Fifth, was there a particular point or moment that you think was vital to you embracing the idea?

Sixth and last, and probably most importantly, in looking back at your newly constructed story, what does this suggest about new ideas and your embrace of them? Does any of this pertain to how you approach new ideas as a leader?

Thanks for your patience and participation. Remember, history is packed—and I do mean packed—with stories like yours that tell of a person embracing an idea.