Rather Shy About Succession

I’ve been having private conversations with folks about succession. It’s clear that succession is a very sensitive topic with leaders. They’re really rather shy about it. I think several things cause it. They are uneasy with thinking about their own mortality, organizationally speaking, that is. They’re nervous on the timing of it, assuming that all heck breaks loose if anyone dares utter a word on the subject. I can’t help but wonder if some ego is at work, too.

I understand the reasons. I can only urge you, the reader, to give honest thought to the subject. There’s nothing to be lost with an intelligent, thoughtful, and straightforward approach to succession, whether your own or someone else’s.

Yes, the more I think about my recent conversations, the more I’m convinced that succession is a largely untouchable subject that, left alone, will wreak all kinds of havoc. Better think about investing a little time, effort, and not least, ego on it now rather than pay a heavy price later.