My Follow-Up

Earlier this year, I added a feature to my work here at Historical Solutions LLC. The new feature is one-on-one, private follow-up for people who attend my leadership development seminars. The follow-up occurs within three or four weeks after the session. It consists of a private conversation between myself and the participant, lasting about 30 minutes. We talk about whatever the participant wants to talk about–the session, history, the participant’s personal leadership goals and experiences, and so forth. I listen more than talk–and that’s almost always a good thing. I will, on occasion, offer a thought or two about an action-item in the days, weeks, or months ahead. I’ll also interweave my reflections from my historical reading, other sessions I’ve done, and my own personal experiences. Just yesterday, I met separately with four people from a client organization who signed up to meet privately with me. These conversations are invariably fascinating and instructive. From what I can tell, I think the participants are very glad they take the time to meet for a confidential discussion.