Me And The Apostle Paul

In the past few months I’ve made a decision to adopt a particular framework or construct for my business. I’m basing it on the experiences of the Apostle Paul.

Now, if you’re put off by religious references, hold on just a minute. See this through. I am a Christian but this isn’t about preaching or converting. I’d simply like to share what’s happened.

8 years ago when I was starting Historical Solutions LLC a guy suggested that I should look into Paul’s life. This guy thought Paul would make an excellent historical case study in leadership.

I put him off.

7 years later, I decided to read more about Paul. As I read it became strikingly clear that beyond a case study, Paul had much to offer me as I thought about my own wanderings, meanderings, and journeys as a consulting historian who uses history to make better leaders.

I learned and continue to learn a lot from Paul. Paul found that a brash approach didn’t work as well as a facilitated approach. He found too that his communication had to vary in method and tone. The ideas and principles he shared brought him into networks and relationships of other people, often beyond his control or planning. His words and deeds gained power the more he drew them from his own set of gifts and experiences. The ultimate power, though, was the higher power that directed his faith and life. This power enabled him to better embrace both the humble position he occupied and the ongoing push-and-pull of good and bad times.

That’s me and Paul.