Changes Coming to the Website

A wonderful thing about self-employment is creativity. You think about doing it, and then you do it. That’s exactly what will happen soon with the front page of my website.

As of now, along the bottom of the front page you’ll see a handful of images. Click on each image and you’ll hear a short audio clip from me. I want to change that.

So, I’m convening a meeting of Historical Solutions LLC to consider such a change. Motion made, motion voted, motion carried–the front page will change.

Here’s what you’ll soon see–I want to have five or six images, similar number as now, but with videos, not audios, behind them when clicked. The set of videos and images will be connected in that they’ll be about one particular historical thing. Moreover, taken together, they’ll constitute a sort of “session” of mine. When you watch each video, it will be like you and I are in a session together. I’m guessing each video will be about 5-8 minutes long, making for a total of roughly¬† 25-50 minutes of viewing. My goal would be that by the end of the last video, you’ll feel as if you have at least 2-3 new takeaways or Paddles for your leadership.

How does that sound?