My Frustration with History–Yeah, I Get It

Quite often after a session, I’m approached by a participant, or two or ten, who explains that they really aren’t history buffs but still enjoyed the presentation and discussion. Today I had a realization–like them, I too had many negative experiences with history in classroom format.

In eighth grade I argued with my history teacher about the information he was giving on the American Revolutionary War.

In college my first course in history resulted in a “C.” I was disgusted with the professor’s demand that we spend time viewing his slides on colonial furniture.

In graduate school it took me all of about 30 minutes to realize in my first colloquim that I didn’t fit in with either my peers or my professor. They were yammering on about stuff that held no interest to me. I knew it was going to be a long few years.

So, yes, I can very much understand why a lot of people dislike history. My advice, however, is this: don’t let some of the people who teach history ruin history. My further advice: get on The River (see other postings on my “river” concept).