Neptune And You

Here’s an exercise for your use of history. Neptune.

What’s the difference between the past of Earth and the past of Neptune? Answer that; it’s not a trick question.

I’d say that somewhere on the list of answers is this: people. Earth has people. Neptune doesn’t. People are part of the story of Earth’s past. Not true for Neptune.

Now, what’s the difference between the concept of past and the concept of history? Again, it seems, people. Past is everything that was, down to this second. History is the meaning and understanding that we make of the past, including leaving some out while keeping some in.

If these things are true, how have you, as one person, dealt with the relationship between your past and your history?

Which brings me back to an adaptation of my first question. If Neptune has a past, does Neptune have a history?

Either these are very compelling questions or I’ve simply had too much coffee.