Creed of Service Excellence

I have an internal excellence program known as “Situating for Success.”

I situate you for success by making the content of my work as clear and applicable as possible. I also go the extra mile in communicating with you and identifying the link between current problems, potential solutions, and actual implementation. I work as diligently as I know how to ensure that the history you explore is compelling, dramatic, and relevant. When permitted, I seek to follow-up individually with each participant via electronic communication.

I situate myself for success by insisting that I interact with decision-makers. I require ample time to enable my work to unfold as its natural pace and that you have the appropriate opportunity for reflection and introspection. I need access to good information on those issues which most concern you and your group. I will deal with vital issues in a truthful and hard-hitting fashion.

I situate us mutually for success by unlocking the power of history for you. I read widely on all fields and types of history, always with an eye on how you can use it in your day-to-day life. I treat you with respect and view you as a responsible agent, ready and willing to work on improvement and growth as well as open to serious ideas and new approaches. You and your organization are my partners in the historical adventure.