Creative Conversation: Theodore Roosevelt And The Joy Of Life

Today I’m preparing for my next Creative Conversation with a client. The 1-hour session is this coming Monday. The topic is Theodore Roosevelt River. Specifically, my client and I will be exploring 1901-1905, the first presidential administration of Roosevelt. We’ll be looking closely, carefully, for applications to my client’s River. These applications are right there, waiting for us to discover.

I can share with you now, at this moment, one of the enduring themes of Theodore Roosevelt River that might help you, client or not.

Roosevelt savored life like you savor your favorite meal. Imagine yourself sitting down ready to have your absolutely favorite meal placed before you. You’re hungry. You’re ready to taste that taste you remember so very well. Then, it comes. Here it is. You cn smell it. You can see it. You pick up your utensil and then…ahhh…it is everything you knew it would be. It is, and shall remain, your favorite.

That’s how Roosevelt approached life in general, especially anything that he enjoyed. Activities, work, hobbies, challenges, whatever they were, if they were something liked, he liked them to the point of savoring, of ecstasy. Nothing left in the bowl, nothing left undone, nothing left behind. Everything consumed and savored.

Some might call this a child-like quality. Some might call it obsessive or just rather a touch unhinged. I’ll leave those judgments to others. I’ll call it worthwhile to apply in at least part of your life. It’s all too rare for us to know enjoyment to such an end.