More Reaction to Lincoln and One-Armed Man Video

One of my viewers of the One-Armed Man video sent an email to me with his reaction. Beyond thoroughly enjoying it, he said he was “surprised” at the content. When I pressed for a little more explanation, he said that it shocked him that someone yelled out in the middle of the president’s speech. “It was a different era,” this viewer concluded.

I think this is a point to ponder. Maybe we’ve lost something when we can’t shout out at the nation’s leader. Maybe it says something about such a national leader’s handling of communication that such a reaction is thought to be out of bounds.

I do think Lincoln likely heard the One-Armed Man. He certainly heard the five interruptions for applause during his brief remarks at Gettysburg. In both instances, the applause and the cry-out, Lincoln chose not to respond.

Should he have responded? Was the One-Armed Man acting inappropriately? I’m curious as to your opinions.