When Our City Started A New Era: The Unforgettable Summer Night Of Benjamin Harrison

It’s June 25, 1888. Benjamin Harrison is in his adopted hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. He learns that, shockingly, his political party has nominated him to be their candidate for the Presidency. He’ll be the Republican nominee for the White House. But a bigger thing is at work, a larger meaning is in play. The reaction of the people–Democrat and Republican, white and black, old and young, men and women, rich and poor–is to pour forth a tidal wave of enthusiasm for the achievement of their neighbor, Benjamin Harrison. They set aside differences and divisions to realize that as a city, a community, a new era was about to begin. I’d like to tell you the true story of this unforgettable summer day and night. I’m hosting a special edition of my Facebook Live show, free of charge, on the Facebook page of “Historical Solutions LLC“. Join with me and learn the story from 12 noon to 12:30 EST, Thursday, June 25, 2020. This is an important experience with important lessons, especially now, in mid-2020. If you’re a community leader, I urge you to set aside time for viewing. Hope you’re able to watch live or later on.